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Quality Assurance

Since 1989, JBM has adhered closely to a Quality Assurance Program created specifically to fit the quality assurance needs of our customers, as well as the organizational makeup of our company. Our QA Program details everything from sampling procedures to statistical process control techniques, and has been approved by Goverment Agencies and Fortune 500 companies alike. In addition, JBM has a Quality Statement posted in strategic locations throughout our facility which serves to reinforce our company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

How Can “Turnkey” Services Benefit You?

Turnkey services eliminate the problem of communication breakdowns between vendors which cause errors and cost overruns.

Scheduling problems are much easier to manage because resources are working from a single priority list. This results in projects being completed in the shortest time frames, at the lowest costs.

Customers only have to review requirements, problems, and issues with one group. This can be a real benefit on issues such as special plant safety requirements to be followed during installations and production coordination during required shutdowns. In addition, accountability for project success is much cleaner when limited to only one vendor.

Field Services Group

Maintenance: The Field Services Group can develop, manage and execute a comprehensive scheduled preventative maintenance program. This is of particular benefit when maintenance requirements for plant shutdowns exceed the on-site resources available. The Group can provide complete inspection, repair, welding, and installation services as needed, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The Customer selects only the resources needed. Group members are well trained and are up to date on required safety training (MSHA and OSHA).

Installation: The Field Services Group installs the equipment required for the project. This maybe either equipment purchased by the Customer, or by the JBM Fabricating Division. It also makes modifications to existing equipment as needed.

Engineering and Design

Mechanical Engineering and Design is provided through a licensed Professional Engineer with 30 years industrial experience in design and major project management. Additional resources function under his direction in structural, civil, and electrical. Drawings are provided in AutoCad format as prints or electronic files.

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