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Flash Welding


JBM’s custom built Flash Welder is capable of providing cost effective and quality proven solutions to customers seeking to weld dissimilar metals (i.e. copper to steel, copper to aluminum, etc.) on a small or large scale.  Our Flash Welder can successfully join a 6″ (diameter or square)solid bar to a 5″ (diameter or square) bar, making it one of the largest capacity Flash Welders in operation. 

Additionaly, JBM has further customized and improved it’s Flash Welding equipment by adding a Multi-Channel WeldView® Monitor to scrutinize all critical processes and welding parameters simultaneously, ensuring that a quality product is produced each and every time.  Furthermore, welding parameters and process variables are archived and stored for every weld, providing an extra layer of protection against the shipment of products that fall outside the process variability limits set by ourselves and our customers.  The end result is a product that our customers can have faith in.

JBM Flash Welder Specifications


KVA:  650



Secondary Volts:
5.6 to 16.4

Hydraulic Upset:
600,000 LBF, 5″ Travel

Amperage: 3,000

Multi-Channel WeldView® Monitor

The Multi-Channel WeldView® Monitor is a multi-variable process monitor for resistance welding applications.  The system monitors all critical resistance welding parameters on up to eight machines simultaneously.  Such parameters include: 

  • Electrode Force
  • Combination Workpiece Thickness
  • Workpiece Thermal Expansion
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Conductance 
  • Power

All data is automatically acquired for each weld and digitally stored for future analysis or proof of weld quality.  A graphical interface instantly displays information about each weld on any welding channel for easy interpretation of weld quality.  Separate upper and lower limits of acceptability can be established by the user for every data point of each monitored variable on every welding channel.  A fault signal output for each welding machine channel – to notify the operator or to automatically stop the welding process – is provided in the event that any variable falls outside of established limits.  Finally, networking capability provides the ability to set up the monitor and evaluate the welding operation from multiple and remote locations.

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